How to Link Adsense With Google Custom Search

How to Link Adsense With Google Custom Search

Recently, we discussed how to create a Google Custom Search in the blog search box. Using regular search will make it easier for lawyers to find blog posts that match the query used by visitors or search engines.

Also, as I mentioned in the link below, our blog for improving Custom Search can enable sorting based on the importance of Google Custom Search.

Otherwise, if we link your account or blog to Adsense, we can link our AdSense account to Google Custom Search to increase our dollar amount.

When visitors block a post using the search box, Google ads will also appear in the search results associated with our Google Adsense account. Google ads usually appear to the left of search results.

How to link a sense account

Adsense account to Google Custom Search is a bit simple, but you should keep in mind that we use Google Custom Search on our Adsense account and the blog in the search box.

Please open the Google Custom Search Blog HERE. Then go to the “Make Money” tab and enable search engine funding as shown below. Custom Search will then automatically link the Adsense blog to Custom Search.

This way we can extend the custom search box on the blog. good luck…

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