How To Make A Simple Beef Sauces At Home

How To Make A Simple Beef Sauces At Home

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I am so excited to see you  visited my site  and I hope everyone is doing wonderfully well our today homemade steak sauce will make you melt.

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Today I l will be writing these thoughts and requested article by one of my readers this is a very quick and simple lunch for dinner idea that you compare with rice or whatever.

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  • Garlic butter sauce
  • Red beef
  • Ginger sauce
  • Coconut oil
  • Cyenne pepper
  • Salt
  • Chicken seasoning
  • Carrots
  • Onions 
  • Green bell peppers

FIRST NEXT  : Start by prepping the meat make the meat a half way preparation, and have it in mind about our today steak sauce recipe.

  • Is better that way because it makes the cutting process very easy and you will  be cutting it against the grain!!!!  why? Because this will allow your needs to cook very nice and tender trust me on this one.

NEXT STEP : Is taking off any fat out of the meat.

Parboil it off the stove by adding some salt and hot water give it a stare and you will see the bloody mess just coming right out or whatever colors.

NEXT STEP : is the  Diced scallions chicken seasoning salt and also a nice ginger and garlic, I’m using the paste product of them. you could use fresh ones if you prefer, a squeeze of both and then.

NEXT STEP:  I add my  chicken seasoning salt to taste use whatever spices and seasonings that you like can has the tendency to produce a sweet taste sweets.

NEXT STEP:  I add my scallions , mix it Very well besides marinade and as you are doing this Begin the preparation of your  carrots onions and green bell peppers, I also have some cornstarch about 2 teaspoons.

NEXT STEP:  Add some coconut oil into the  pan to saute my veggies for just about a minute seasoning with some salt and chicken seasoning.

NEXT STEP:  This is also optional but this allows the veggies to taste so so good then we’re going to the head and set this aside.

NEXT STEP:  Add some more oil and we’re going to brown our meats a k-8 steaming yes!!! We need it brown .

We are going to be steaming for long  because if you  steam your meats very well it tastes good and it  will not have any funny smells.

once the NEXT above is done and the process Is cooked  half way adding some cayenne pepper will be nice due is totally optional you don’t have to add it, Am suggesting became I  cannot do without  spiciness.

NEXT STEP:  Is to  dilutes some cornstarch with some water and I’m going to go ahead and add that to my meat and I’ll add it just to the same level as the meats and I’ll cook it on very low low low low heat for about 10 minutes and it thickens up pretty quickly so a lot of cornstarch will not make any difference it’s just gonna thicken up and if you like more sauce add more water it’s totally up to you.

NEXT STEP:  Ten minutes later it is done now we are finally going  just add the veggies and  mix it  and let it simmer for just about 30 seconds and then turn the heat off and our brown beef sauce will be  ready.


Thanks for reading how to make a simple beef sauces you can  choose whatever side dish that you prefer to have with the beef sauce.

Thank  so much for reading I hope you  are able to learn how to prepare a simple beef sauce .

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