“How to make money” in the street without a job

How to make money in the street without a job
“How to make money in the street without getting involved in illicit activities or do you think it’s possible to earn money without a job on the street? Is it possible to make money on the street without a job? Or  “How to make money” without hurting anyone, I don’t think so, except maybe you are planning to get involved in some kind of illicit activities or otherwise.

How to make money 

Kanye West and  Eddie money once claimed, that making money on the street is not a Walmart money card, it can be legit or rather done in a legit way.

street life synonym

  • Street life? Or should I say thug life, thug life meaning: “thug life” Or “What does thug life stand for?” It can be referred to as somebody who gets and love involving and getting whet he wants contrary to another opinion.

Most everyone, or if am mistaken is familiar with Tupac Shakur popularly nicknamed Makaveli, and his “How to make money” In the street mentality.
The street is one question everyone living in a glass house will like to know about.
Imagine if you are in a glass house and you don’t have any issue with “How to make money you would probably not know much about life on the street.
The street is more Like a ghetto, ghetto life can be, compared to street life, because is all about getting hard, doing it in a hard way 
I once lived in the street, yes In the ghetto where life is all about getting it in a hard way, if I can recollect back in the day in the ghetto,
were you seeing girls walking almost half-naked, smoking weed, fighting almost every day?
That’s what am talking about, starting from the street is always hard, there is no way to make money without working 
Due there are top notable rich people who pass through the life of the ghetto and possibly do not know how to get to the winning circle.

  • But one thing you need to consider is guys that make it through or from the Street pass through one hard time or the other

If I can remember some years ago the experience I had when I was looking for a job back then, I was rejected on many occasions just because I am applying from the ghetto, that’s funny you know.
How to make money” without working hard in the street and running away from the difficulties that are attached to street life without going through a lot that may possibly result in payback.
I use the word payback because is a most For you to step on toes to get to the top of the street.
Most especially if you don’t know “How to make money” so if you are stepping on toes expect returns from those you step on.

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