How to recover hacked Reddit account

How to recover hacked Reddit account

How to recover hacked Reddit account

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Reddit is a great place to find news and information, but it’s also the ideal place for hackers to target. If you’ve been hacked, there are steps you can take to recover your account to get back into Reddit’s good graces.

Request a password reset from the login page

  • Log in to your Reddit account. If you’re having problems logging in, try the login page again.

Click on “Reset Password” at the top of your inbox and enter your email address, which will take you to a form where you can enter what happened to cause it to become compromised—or if there’s nothing suspicious about why your account was hacked (and no one else knows about it), simply click “Next.”

Follow any additional instructions from there (such as providing a phone number), then click “Submit” when done entering all those details so that they can send out an email confirmation with new passwords for everyone who needs them!

  • If it fails, use a form on the login page.

If you have a Reddit account and want to recover your hacked Reddit account, then follow these steps:

Contact mods

  • Contact mods. You can contact the moderators of your subreddit and ask them to help you recover your account.

Use the contact form on the login page of your Reddit account, or on the sub’s page itself (if it has one). If you’re unable to find either, try searching for “contact” in this case—it will give you more options than just one method would otherwise allow.

Contacting mods isn’t always an easy task; sometimes they may not know how to help or be busy with other things at the moment, so don’t expect immediate results! But if all else fails, just keep trying until someone eventually replies!


You should now see the message that you have successfully logged in.

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