How To Win A Lady Heart In 7 Days

How To Win A Lady Heart In 7 Days

how to win a lady’s heart and make her fall for you in 7 days is one of the many challenges many young men are facing today.

Do you want to win her in 7 day ? If yes then this article is for you, without wasting much ,lets go to the main reason we are here.

Wanting to know how to win a lady heart on time
There many ways to win a lady’s heart ,but in out today article are going to be focusing on our working tricks that has worked for us.

Use perfume to win her trick

I remember winning a woman’s heart with a Nice perfume some time ago, dont know if it still works there days ,but I believed it works because a lot of women love guys that smell nice , lovely, to them  is “calling” so always spray a  nice perfume to attract them.

Go extra mile trick

Winning the heart of a woman take a lot, because women are very complicated, very complicated to an extend that you need to go extra miles n other to win them over and make them wanting for you .

Play smart to win her trick

How to win a lady’s heart and make her love
It takes the heart of a child to win a women’s heart; you have to go down to the lowest level in other for you to win a women’s heart, you have to portray yourself as “MR COOL” guy to win a women’s heart.

Look cool and smart trick

  1. You don’t have to portray yourself as “MR FLASHY” the moment a lady notice that you are Mr fleshy “womanizer” she begins to get afraid, no woman wants to associate with a womanizer, No responsible woman in other word “Arima” popularly called in a ghetto called “ajegunle” in Lagos Nigeria wants to settle with a “all women man” , so in other not to send a wrong signal , try to avoid this.

The mr right guy trick

How to impress a lady and win her for life
Most women find it difficult to go out with Flashy guys, there have this  feeling that  going out with a flashy guy won’t last, so in order to win her you most present yourself as Mr reserved, women like men that are reserved, look neat, smart, and cool for them to accept you , women like neat guys.

Shaving trick

shave  at all times women like neat guys I repeat “neat guy” dress nice even if it warrant you outing on your best cloth each time they are around ,do it men love good “looking guy”.

Corporate dress mode trick

That’s How to seduce a woman,make her want more , keep her on suspense, always surprise her.

Women have the perception that guys who take care themselves can also take care of them, moreover go to the gym also to get fit, 80% of  women like muscles fit guys, also dress corporate, corporate guy roles, ladies feel comfortable more with corporate guys.

Dress neat and smart trick

Dress modernly, gone are the days when you dress old-fashioned, if you have to dress old fashion , make it count , there is a saying that says Looking good is business so look good, smell cool also, put on nice fragrance.

Be bold to win her trick

Be bold, woman like it when you are confident, take charge be the boss, she knows when you are taking charge, the greatest weakness of a woman is when you take charge.

Listen to her trick

Respect her opinion, be romantic, romantic conversation is every woman’s weakness, so be more romantic when having a conversation with them, take control of her by being on top the game , and not saying you should control her lifestyle, I mean take control of the game.

The gift trick

Buy her gifts, try as much as possible to always hand her hands always, hug her in public, hugging her in public gives her the “assurance”  that she is in a safe hands .

Practice this “love trick” to win any woman you desire within seven days of approach, I bet you if you put into use all this trick that o listed above testimonies is sure for you in the church or mosque after winning her.

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