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Corona, and who will you help first?

Kyungpook National University, Department of Psychiatry

Children are the so-called MZ generation. They are more proficient than we are when it comes to smartphones, the Internet, social media, and computers. Since children have not been able to meet with their friends and have been isolated for too long, it has become commonplace to have conversations with only very short, reduced words that cannot be reduced any longer than face-to-face conversations rather than making eye contact. 


In the generation of parents who were taught to wake up on time, at least pretend to wash their face, tidy up the room, and sit at the desk at the time set by the teacher, this generation does not make sense at all. The generation of professors and teachers who evaluated as groups and teams were forced to compete and never learned how to be considerate of others, how to mediate when there is a conflict between members, and how to persuade others when there is a difference of opinion. . It is very difficult for the older generation, 

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Who are accustomed to do what they are told rather than ask a question, even when in doubt, to make the best decision in the present without losing hope for an uncertain future. have endured for over a year. New words such as Corona Blue, Corona Red, and Corona Black have appeared. News of abuse in the era of Corona makes our hearts hard every day. Korea is now the 61st country in the world to ban the corporal punishment of children by civil law. But parents don’t know how to do anything other than scold, discipline, and punish their children. The older generation, who think that there is no future if they do not study in Korea, where people are known as the only and abundant resource, longs for their children to study and learn straight, hard, diligently, and do their best even in schools in the era of Corona 19.

Since no one listens to him, he has no experience of talking slowly, so he has no choice but to point out at the head of the table where he sits face to face. So, in March 2021, the office of the pediatric and adolescent psychiatrist was overcrowded. The frontal lobe, the brain of reason, is not functioning properly, so I think that person will be helpful to me in remembering things I knew before, learning new things and storing them in the brain, and recognizing who the person wearing the mask is. It has become difficult to make assumptions and to open up to people. As a result, empathy for thinking from the other person’s point of view was exhausted. Medically speaking, it is ‘Chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder’, in terms of social use, it is exhaustion syndrome, and when speaking phenomenologically, it is empathic fatigue. 

Looking at the anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts of the people surveyed several times by the Korea Trauma Stress Society, anxiety and depression, which had briefly improved after the first epidemic, increased again. The desire to die rather than live like this is increasing. It is especially difficult for those who care The burden on the medical staff, teachers, mothers, grandmothers, and teachers is increasing. So what should we do? First of all, I have to take care of myself. If there is an emergency on the plane, they are told to put on my oxygen mask first and bring the oxygen masks of the elderly and infirm. That’s the answer. Prioritize my own sleep, appetite, exercise, mental health, work, and hobbies that make me happy. A healthy body can handle both the virus and the vaccine, so healthy food and exercise are now essential. 

When I’m relaxed, I can deal with people around me with a smile without being annoyed. You should practice seeing the positive side during this time. There is a positive side to everything. Whether I can see that side or not depends on my ability and decision. The ability to communicate properly, deal with digital, and negotiate when there is a conflict is an opportunity to master and learn. When there is anxiety, depression, or fear, we supply energy to the emotional brain first, then the rational brain. It’s like going to the mountains and your cell phone battery drains quickly. So anxiety and depression should be reduced. If you can’t do it on your own, you should seek professional help. Asking for help is an ability.

So who will leaders help first? 

We must first identify those who were not properly cared for in childhood. Adults who have experienced emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect are more likely to be isolated during times of disaster. You need to select these people first and help them. People who have not been cared for do not know how to ask for help. That is a common task given not only to psychiatric doctors but also to our country and the whole world. Let’s join forces together. If we support each other in solidarity, comfort, and encourage each other, I hope that in March 2022, the pediatric psychiatrist will be able to relax again.

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