Interesting Fact About Cancer You Need To Know

Fact About Cancer
Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the World, but many know far too little about it, for example, what is the difference, between benign and malignant cancer or how exactly can cancer be treated will be a brief introduction to the disease, you get in this article. The name cancer comes from ancient Greek cinemas, which was formerly the name for the disease, and the animal was but why does this disease bear the name of one big animal, there are different theories.
Supposedly the ancient Greeks are supposed to have tumors on their breasts with the help body of crustaceans I have compared it and the actual tumor represents the cancer body and the veins the tumor which has abandoned look like animal’s legs, in addition. The chest area became the zodiac sign of cancer in the Middle ages, assigned the cause of cancer is always the same, a cell with a defective genetic material that can be found in the body’s own repair mechanisms no longer repaired and by various defense mechanisms are no longer kept in check and it finally comes to uncontrolled multiplication of this cell.
One also speaks of neoplasms it is an excessive new tissue formation which is also called tumor benign or ligament tumors, through their growth the neighboring tissue will displace them. There is no scattering in benign tumors that means no other tissue layers are affected and organs benign tumors can be removed, So compares with a balloon that is inflated, it grows and grows but does not attack the surrounding tissue, With malignant or sometimes due to tumors, the situation is very different.
They grow neighboring tissue and destroy it, too, they can themselves Spread over the blood over a whole body and their daughter tumors, one speaks of scatter or metastasis malignant tumors are called cancer typical examples, Lungs or colon cancer are next to start and malignant tumors exist.
The semi-malignant tumors also affect the neighboring tissue and destroying is current but does not take place, many are convinced that cancer is contagious, but this is complete bullshit, cancer is not contagious or transferable, Even with blood transfusions or organ donation, the chances are minimal.
However, some types of cancer can also transmit tumor cells, are triggered by certain viruses that are actually contagious, But as I said, this is a chance for mine to solve, These viruses from other cancer depending on the tumor are also the symptoms, or course of disease very different from patient to patient.

There are huge differences in the patient with the same illness, complications of individual types of cancer such as;

  •  Lung
  • Colon
  •  Skin cancer 
And so we’ll go into another article in more detail. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the World According to the world health organization, every fourth death is due to cancer.
Cancer research center worldwide is about 800,000 annually, new cases counted the cancer death rate is about,224 1,000 deaths per year worldwide eleven million fall ill each year. People with cancer and 79 million deaths occur, Fortunately, there are numerous treatment methods available today, disposal include operative removal, chemotherapy Radiation therapy, and many more, in the case of benign tumors, the chances of a cure are very early, well malignant highly advanced tumors.
However, they are very difficult to treat like chemotherapy, works and what other treatment methods you can find out in, this article on the topic of cancer, In those articles we explain to you in more detail how cancer develops. If you taught this article is useful or you liked it, there gives a thumbs up and showed your friends by sharing it, plan what diseases interest you, write to us in the comments, until then people and until next time

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