Is deliverance a way forward in Africa?

Is deliverance a way forward in Africa?
Would it be deliverance that’s a way forward in Africa?  Do you know that an average  black born and raised in Africa needs  to understand go some kind of rehabilitation in order for them to think and act right?
This question  becomes momentous among us,if you are a good follower of histories  you will noticed or most have read about the history  of Africans and their ancient method of operation,back in the days many Africans believed in JUJU  and most of them live their lives surrounding it and that has stigmatized  them in one or the other.
If you are a good follower of Africa history you will notice that most of the problem  will are facing in Africa  today is looting and greed. Looting and greed belongs to all nation but I tell that the rate in which this attitude  perform in an average  black born and raised  person is different.
An average  Africa is supposed to be great but because  the syndrome  in which their  fore fathers operate,  on flows within them. Why most an average  black man be delivered? The answer to this question is because there are tie  to the bondage  of an ancient  sacrifice  made by their for father. Imagine  an an average  home in Africa  having one or 2 items of a small God there  believed in berried  underneath  their  homes. Not just berried but berried with incantation.
Luckily  for some of them  this juju buried under their home has been taking away by the whites missionary  who came to African back in the days.

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