Is mastubation a sin?find out now

Is mastubation a sin? this is one question a lot of those who are involved in this act usually ask

On my today’s article, I am going to bring to light and set a record for those who are in the pranks of masturbation,so this message is titled (is “masturbation” a sin? )

Well, when you look in the Bible carefully there’s nowhere in the Bible where it is recorded and practical, that says masturbation is a sin.


Do you know any place in the Bible where there’s a list of different kinds of  adultery,fornication and all sort of things that is connected to mastubation? Obviously none was recorded in connection to that .

But obviously you can decide to put masturbation in the list of sexual immorality or you can put it on the same sort of criteria in this position.

But the Bible never said masturbation is a  sin, it is not specifically recorded in the Bible that masturbation is a sin .

Categorically there is no place listed in the Bible that mastubation is a sin, but does it make it right you might be reading this message today.

I am, I want to know, am i doing the right thing or you might have a friend who is caught up in the act of masturbation and yet trying to seek help for that person.


Let’s start from the beginning in Genesis chapter 38 verse 9 to 10 the Bible recalls of a guy called Onan, Onan was meant to father a child for his brother but anytime he sleeps with the wife of his  brother he will spill his sperm on the floor and the Bible is against it.

So you see were you are committing sin!!! You are not supposed yo spill your sperm away, if you do ,then it becomes a sin, most especially spilling it in a wrongful way that does not pleased GOD, so in another word , mastubator and fornicators are sinners ,because formication and mastubation are practice that God forbids.


And because of this act of spilling his sperm , The Lord killed him, as an example to send a message to others, who are planing to involve in same act, that’s the reason masturbation  is categories as a sin.

But actually the context behind the  story of what happened with Onan was that there was meant to be a law of God that says, thee shall continue from were your brother stop, the line age of the brother when he is no more a life .

So onan was not fulfilling that mandate that’s why he was taken out,so it’s not because of masturbation, I guess .

For example when you haven’t had sex for 72 hours your scrotum is filled up with spam and therefore this would need to be released one way or the other that’s why some of you have got wet dreams at times.

You sleep and experience wet dreams because the body is trying to regulate itself, now about what makes masturbation a challenge, remember I’m not calling it a sin here .

If you are so much involved in masturbation, you might find it difficult to be able a have normal sex life with your partner, when you get married.


If you’re in a marriage marital relationship as well you will not enjoy your wife so much because you will be cut off with the act , is more like you are already enjoying yourself you’re already  cut off with yourself.

Now essentially, what you need to understand is that your body is the temple of God which means God lives in your body and spirit.

Which means your body belongs to God,maybe you don’t know that,if you do not take care of your body, it is not good, which means if you’re looking unkept it’s actually does not give God glory also.

The simple truth is that  when you engaged in immorality or where you engage in all sort of adultery or fornication it doesn’t give God glory, because it’s a sin against your body which is the temple of God.

If you’re born again your spirit is perfect in you like Jesus 90% but you know what the Bible talks or tells us about in Romans chapter 12 verse 1 to 2:  he says we should present our body as a living sacrifice.

What is a living sacrifice?
A living sacrifice is that which is laid on the table alive, you know already to be sacrificed,God say you should have self-control by presenting your body as a living sacrifice.

That is wholly unacceptable to assemble to God which means that if I’m presenting my body as a living sacrifice I watch what I allowed to go into my temple, what I see, what I watch, or what I do.

God say, i will take care of them that keep my commandments, now you might be reading this message or you may have heard this words before , you should know that my suggestion vase on what I believed and fact is not risk elicited as seen in the Bible.

God gives us a mandate to take care of our body to possess our body as a living sacrifice and you might be caught up in the struggle and your assembly question is, what do I do about this?

Is okay to say it’s not a sin, in the Bible it’s okay to say that but at the same time I have to walk by faith after I represent my body as a living sacrifice.

What most I need to do to break free from masturbation?  you are asking this question because you know it’s a good thing to do that and it means that you want to be set free from it now.

Let fantasize about something,some people have pornography always on their possession,watching pornographic movies or pornographic magazine to put themselves in the mood so they can practice mastubation and then ejaculate.

It goes for men and woman as well, men mastubator , female mastubator so the act of actually masturbating is not a sin in the Bible,the question is what thought  actually brought the processes that leads to you into actually masturbating?

That which actually lead you to ejaculate brought the sin, not the mstubation , for example fantasizing about somebody watching feeding your eyes on things that are unlawful and they therefore to take get you into the mood to the point where you then do it

What’s the solution to mastubation, there’s a concept I teach a lot,is called the “tear concept” which talks about thoughts that  leads to emotions,emotions that  leads to action and action that  leads to results.

It is a concept on the premise, it is your thoughts that leads to your results your thoughts first creates emotions in your body the emotion leads to action that you take and the result is,are you something that is tangible that you see if you choose if you take that concept naturally sort of masturbation.

What you actually notice is that you first of all conceive order of the thoughts then the thoughts come to you through your five senses you know your eyes or your nose mouth you know your five senses that you have been taught about.

That’s the way those thoughts will come from the thought of masturbation,your body start to feel, when your scrotum is filled.

Those thoughts might begin to come to you when you’re alone or when you watch maybe a film that is filled with a lot of sexual activity and this force will create emotions in your body and in this case you start feeling lonely.

Because you need to to be loved, definitely this thoughts needs to release themselves that’s emotion for you then what happen is this thought goes into action.

The actions might be you have pornographic movie that you watch,and as a result of this  you begin to play with yourself which result into masturbation.

So in essence if you want to stop masturbation you need to  process which means you need  to stop, cut down on TVs or programs that have sexual activities in them

Cut down, take them off and also ensure that you don’t mingle with certain kind of people that will begin to expose you to things you’re not ready to undertake.

Because if you don’t do that  it is absolutely guaranteed that you will continue to engage in this act and then you will start feeling sorry for yourself.

Remember what I said it is not specially listed in the Bible as a sin but because your body is a temple of the Holy Ghost God expect that you keep your body from all sort of immorality.

And because it is not possible to masturbate Elizabeth opinion anyway without conjuring up certain pictures certain images that offers sexual nature to put you in the mood

Before mastubating that lead to ejaculation you have to picture something in your mind, it might be somebody if you’ve made love to before it might be somebody you hang out with, its all start with fantasizing about something.

I don’t really know but you have to have an image before you can actually get over or because of that therefore it is imperative that you desist from it and the approach.

I am telling you today it is an approach that will help you to overcome this kind of sinful behavior or this kind of behavior.

Now remember you are holy, you are righteous and you’re pure so you must also not forget that you’re holy, and that God sees you wholly regardless of what happens to your life.

Divorce is only because your holiness is in your spirit, but as you act you must make sure that your heart possess good things,  Philippians chapter 4 tails 4 tell us that, so you can go back to the scripture and just begin to ponder neck, as you meditate on the Word of God it begins to make you feel good about yourself.

Now when the thought of the ingredient masturbation comes to you remember it is by cutting these thoughts early that will prevent you from falling into the action of doing it.

I want you to remember about the “tier concept” thoughts, emotion, actions and result the “tier concepts” can definitely help you to overcome any behavior that does not verify God.

Remember it’s not a faith, its a  sin, whatever it is that you do must notify God,so if you can definitely masturbate in the spirit, its better.

If you can masturbate without thinking of others images of loss through thoughts its better, if you cannot do any of those things sincerely from your heart without feeling a bit of condemnation flowing through your mind then you can definitely know that it’s not of course.

How to avoid mastubation?
You should stay away from any thing that will affect you negatively ,so in this article on how to stop mastubation in 7 days you can learn one or two that will help you get through mastubation.

It is to give you practical steps that you can take to overcome any form of masturbation, stay away from mastubation.

Remember you are responsible for taking actions the law would empower you as you pray to him but it is your responsibility to take away  from negative thoughts, it is your strategy to make sure you don’t watch certain pornographic movie.

It’s your responsibility to do those things which means just learn to switch off the TV,the fruit of the Spirit is self-control and you do have self-control because the Spirit of God is in you god bless you another wonderful day.

2 thoughts on “Is mastubation a sin?find out now”

  1. God bless you for your teaching, some time I use to masturbate because I say that i done want to have sex with any Woman in My life again.l'm marrie but I dey abroad that's why sometime I yes to masturbate.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and personal experience. It’s important to recognize that discussions about masturbation can vary depending on cultural, religious, and personal beliefs. However, I can understand that being away from your spouse can create feelings of loneliness and a desire for intimacy.

      In such situations, it may be beneficial to openly communicate with your spouse about your needs and find alternative ways to maintain emotional connection and intimacy. This could include regular video calls, sharing thoughts and feelings, or exploring other forms of self-expression and connection that align with your values.

      Ultimately, it’s essential to reflect on your own beliefs and values and consider seeking guidance from a trusted religious or spiritual advisor who can provide insight within the context of your specific faith. Remember, everyone’s journey is unique, and finding a balanced approach that aligns with your beliefs and respects the well-being of others is crucial.

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