Is tithe payment compulsory ? Paragraph 2 will shock you

Is tithe payment compulsory ? Paragraph 2 will shock you

The only Jesus time  mentioned the tittle was a rebuke to the religious leaders , but woe to you pharisees for you tithe mint and due rue and all manner of herbs and pass by justice and the love of God these you ought to have done.

Without leaving the others undone,in Matthew 23:23 in the Bible he explains they have neglect the weightier matter of the law, justice and mercy faith, theses you ought to help those in need.

Each time the world tithe or tithes appears in the bible it is in reference to the old testament law they were under.

NOTE: The old testament teaching is not our guide to salvation, the new testament teaching is supposed to be our guide to salvation

MALACHI 3 ARGUMENT: Malachi 3 Argument seem God was telling the Israelite they were cursed,because they robbed him,by not following his ordnance and not having food in his store house

THE GOD CHANCE NOT ARGUMENT : Tell me you who want to be under the law. Are you not aware of what the law say in GAL 4″21 if the argument “God change not “is a valid then find out on the above verses

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