Major swimming professional rules for all swimmers

Major swimming professional rules for all swimmers

    Major swimming professional rules for all swimmers


    The start in  Freestyle ,breakstroke ,butterfly, and individual medley race shall be with  a duve. On the long whistle SW 215 From the referre the swimmers shall step onto the starting platform and remains there .

    On the starter command “take your marks ” they shall immediately take up a starting position with at less one foot at the front of the starting platforms.

    The position of the hand is not relevant. When all the swimmers are stationary, the starter shall give the starting signal.

    WS 4.2 – The start is backstroke and medley races shall be from the water at the referrees first long starting position at the referees first long enter water.

    At the referree second long whistle Tue starter shall give the. Command “Take your marks” when all swimmers are stationary the starter gives the starting signal.

    WS 4.3- In Olympic games world championships and other FINA Events ,the command ” take your marks ” shall be in English and the starter shall be by multiple loudspeakers,mounted on at each starting platform.

     Any swimmer starting before the starting signal has been given, shall be disqualified. If the starting signal sounds before the disqualification is declared ,the race shall continued and the swimmer or swimmer’s shall be disqualified upon completion of race . if the disqualification I’d declared before the starting signal the signal shall not be given ,but the remaining swimmers shall be called Back and start again.
    SW5.1- freestyle means in an event so designated the swimmer may win any style, except that in Individual or medley relay events, freestyle means and any style other  than backstroke ,breakstroke or butterfly.

    SW 5.2- some  part of The swimmer most touch the wall upon completion of each length and at the finish.

    SW5.3 – some part of Tue swimmer most break the surfaces of the water throughout the race. Except it shall be permissible for the swimmer to be completely submerged during the turn and for a distances of not more than 15 meter after The start and each turn .by that .point the head must broken the surfaces.

    SW 6.1-Prior to the starting signal, the swimmer’s shall line up in the water facing the starting point end ,with both hands holding the starting grip’s, the feet,including the toes shall be under the surfaces of the water .

    Standing in  Or the gutter or bending the toes over the lip of the gutter is prohibited.

    SW6.2- At the signal for starting and after turning the swimmer’s shall push off and swim upon his back through out the race except when executing a turn as set forth SW 6.4 The normal position on the back can include a roll movement f the body up to,but not including 90 degree for horizontal. The position of the head is not relevant.

    SW.6.3- some part of Tue swimming must break the surface of the water throughout the race.
    It shall be permissible for the swimmer to be completely submerged during the turn , at the finish and for a distances of not more then 15 meters after the start and each turn By that point the head must have broken the surface.

    SW6.4- during the turn ,the shoulder may be turned over the vertical to the breast after which a continuous single arm pull or a continuous simultaneous double arm pull may be used to initiate the turn. Once the body has left the position,in the back ,any kick or arm pull must be part of the continuous turning action .The swimmer must have  returned to the position on the back upon leaving the wall. When executing the turn there must be a touch fly the wall with some of the swimmer body.

    SW6.5- upon the finish of the race the swimmer’s must touch the wall while on the back . the body may be submerged at touch.

    SW7.1- From the beginning of the first arm stroke after the start each turn ,the body shall be keep on the breast . it is not permitted to roll onto the back at any time .

    SW7.2-Without alternating movement

    SW7.3- the hand shall be pushed forward together from the breast ;under or over the water during the turn and for the final stroke at the finish. The hand shall be brought back out under the surface of the water. The hands shall not be brought back beyond the Hip ,except during the first stroke after the start and each turn.

    SW7.4- All movement of the legs shall be simultaneous and in the same horizontal

    Plane without alternating movement.
    SW.7.5- The feet must be turned outwards during The propulsive part of the kick , as sciss,flutter or downward dolphin kick is not permitted.
    Breaking yye surface of the water with the feet is allowed, unless hollowed by a downward dolphin kick.
    SW.7.6-At each turn and at the finish of the race ,the touch shall be made with both hand simultaneously at,above or below the wear level. 
    The head may be submerged after the last arm pull  prior to the touch provides it  break the surface of the water at some point during the last  complete or incomplete circle preceding the touch

    SW 7.8
    SW.7.8 obstructing another swimmer by swimming across another lane or otherwise interfering shall disqualified the offender .

    Should the foul be intentional ,the referee shall report the matter to the member promoting the race and to Tue member of ye swimmer so offending.

    SW7.9- No swimmer should be permitted to use or wear any device that may aid his speed,buoyancy or endurance during a competition(such as webbed gloves l,flippers fins E.T.C ) goggle may be worn .

    SW 8.1- Any swimmer not entered in a race , who enters the water in which an event is  being conducted before all swimmers therein have completed the race shall be disqualified from his next scheme race in the meet.

    In the relay events, the team of swimmer whose feetless touch with the starting platform before the preceding team mate touches the wall shall be disqualified unless the swimmer in default returns to the original starting point at the wall .but it shall not be necessary to return to the starting platform.

    Any relay team shall be disqualified from a race if a team member other than the swimmer designated to swim that length enter the water the race is being conducted before all swimmer of all team have finished the race .

    The members of the relay team and their order of competing must be nominated before  the race. Any relay team member may compete in a race only one .

    The composition of a relay team may be  changed between the heats and final of an event, provided that it is made up from
    The list of swimmers  properly entered by a member for that event . failure to swim in the order listed will result I disqualification. Substitution may be made only in the case or a documented medical emergency.

    SW 8.2- any swimming having finished his race ,or his distance in relay event must leave the pool as soon as possible without obstructing any other swimmer who has not yet finished his race . other wise the swimmer committing the fault or his relay shall be disqualified.

    SW 8.3 – should a foul endanger the chance of success of a swimmer the referee shall have the power to allow him to compete In the next heat or should the foul occur or In the last heat  he /she may order it re-swim

    SW8.4- No pace making be permitted nor may any device be used or plan  adopted which has that effect. 


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