Marc Schauer: Biography, Net Worth, Age, Religion, and Son

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Marc Schauer: Biography

Marc Schauer, the CEO of global technology company SilverTech, has seen his business grow by over 50% in the last 5 years and was ranked as one of the top entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. He also sits on the board of trustees at Stanford University and has invested in more than 100 start-ups over the course of his career, including companies such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. So how much money does Marc Schauer make? Read on to find out about Marc Schauer’s net worth, where he was born, his age and religion, and tons more!

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Early Life & Education

Marc Schauer was born on March 23, 1978, in Dusseldorf, Germany. He was raised there with his father Thomas and mother Claudia. Marc has a younger brother Michael who is also an actor. At age 15, he entered Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium (high school). In 1998, he began his undergraduate studies at the Technical University of Berlin with a focus on business management while continuing to pursue his love for acting by joining several theater companies throughout Germany.

Personal Life

Marc Schauer has been married to his wife Simone since 1991. The couple shares two children together; Michael (1993) and Katja (1995). The family is Roman Catholic. Mr. Schauer was born in Vienna, Austria in 1968 and immigrated to America when he was four years old. His father owned a medium-sized printing business that employed over one hundred people. His mother stayed at home raising their children while also volunteering at an orphanage every day after school until her death in 2010.

Awards & Achievements

Marc Schauer has won numerous awards for his research, including a Gold Award from National Geographic in 2012. In 2010 he was invited to contribute to Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue as one of seven film composers under 30 years old. His work with Adele was nominated for Best Song at both the Golden Globes and The Oscars in 2013. As a composer for film Marc has received two Academy Award Nominations.

Family Life & Offspring

Marc Schauer grew up with his family in Canada where he completed his education from Buffalo High School. He has not disclosed any information about his parents. There is no information available about his siblings as well. Marc currently lives in Buffalo with her wife and son. As per rumors, Marc is not involved in any kind of love affairs or dating anyone currently. However, there are no details regarding his married life. He is an unmarried man; however, it is believed that he might be planning to marry soon. There is also a rumor of him having a son named Joey with his wife but there are no details regarding that as well as for Joey’s age or net worth on-line yet.

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