Mint Banana Cocktail That Boost Immune in 7 Days

Mint Banana Cocktail That Boost  Immune  in 7 Days
benefit of mint leaves

Today’s article am going to be writing about a particle cocktail and that contain mint,mint leaves

Am going to be taking about mint leave today because of the healthy benefit this leave carry’s mint is one of a kind herb which carry’s  the highest antioxidant property in the herbs family mint 18 word cookies, mint leave,mint julep, are all related to mint property

Using mint in your daily activities goes a long in seeing through a lot of healthy benefits

Mint leave antioxidant herb can be transforms to oil ,that can be used as toothpaste,gun and so on ,its benefit if used on the teeth has a many remedies,this mint can also be applied to our daily cooking

anaphylaxis: mint can not be compared when it come to antioxidant ,because of his large benefit in the herbs family,its anti-inflammatory ability can be related to Rosmarinic Acid.

Base on recent studies anaphylaxis has been is effectiveness in soling issue that has to do with allergy symptoms.

Mint has a record of successful treatment of numerous ailments as it appears, it has be used for nausea treatment and many other , its skin improvement ability make this leave very special among many

Today am going to teach you how to prepare a special mint cocktail that can act as a antioxidant for
i employed you to take this cocktail every 2 days to cleans your body system

Mint Banana Drop Ingredients:

  1. 2 oz Mint leaves fresh
  2. 2 oz Simple Blue Syrup
  3. 5 piz Banana Middle Ripe Ones
  4. 2   Sugar Free  Dry Milk
  5. 0.57  Fresh Slit Ginger


you will need a blender  to blend all the items and also some crushed ice
now put all the ingredient into the blender
blend all of them together ,it can be taken morning and night ,but need to be kept in a freezer

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