New food pyramid of the SENC-2021

New food pyramid of the SENC-2021
New food pyramid of the SENC-2021

New food pyramid of the SENC-2016
New food pyramid of the SENC-2021

New food pyramid of the SENC-2021
The Food Guide for the Spanish population of the Spanish Community Nutrition Society (SENC), published for the first time in 1994, renewed in 2001, and now renewed (December 2016) based on the best available scientific evidence, has recently been updated.  providing a new healthy eating pyramid.

Fundamentally, it helps us to remember and emphasize the need for a healthy diet in which you cannot miss (base of the pyramid) perform ” moderate-intensity physical activity “, emotional balance, an adequate balance between the food eaten and the energy expended, using healthy ways of cooking adjusted to family and local customs, and adequate hydration throughout the day (+ 2.5 liters per day). Physical activity recommend performing at the least 60 minutes a day, or the equivalent of 10,000 steps a day (at least) in exercises like going for a walk, cycling, swimming, for at least 20 minutes straight. 
Today it is easy to measure the steps taken during the day with a simple pedometer, a smartwatch ( Apple watch or Smartwatch) or sports (Pollard, Garmin, ) or with a mobile application ( Esporti Masters, Runtastic,  RunKeeper, which You can check in the blog ” Running to live ” and in this blog SpT: mobile applications). Nowadays the usual thing is to do exercises and use any of these devices to record, analyze the data or share with other athletes, friends, in sports events,

The introduction at the base of the pyramid of emotional aspects stands out, which can influence the way of eating, from the moment of making the purchase until the moment of eating, in which negative feelings (anger, stress,) can be inclined to choose “less healthy” foods or to take more of it in an unconscious way. In the guide, they talk about the so-called “Conscious Eating” as a way to treat eating problems and promote a healthier relationship with food. 

They also give importance to the family environment, where emotional learning begins in the process of eating. An important part of emotional balance is how we take care of our sleep, there are many studies that have assessed how the duration and quality of sleep are related to a higher risk of obesity, an increase in the percentage of body fat, and weight over the years) (see in this blog SpT: Take care of your sleep and prevent obesity and diabetes ).

The following levels of the new pyramid include the recommendations for a balanced diet, similar to the Mediterranean diet, in which the carbohydrate part should be based on a variety of whole foods and in moderate amounts adjusted to physical activity. Emphasizes the importance of these two aspects: “ integral ” (whole grain cereals or rice, pasta, whole wheat bread,) and “ moderate ”; Undoubtedly, the abuse of products with refined sugars (white bread, industrial pastries,) is responsible for a large part of the epidemic of diabetes and obesity in the western world and developing countries.

 About fruits, recommend three pieces a day that to improve their acceptance and consumption, when there are problems, they can be offered in a suggestive and attractive way, varied, peeled, and chopped. Two servings of vegetables, one of them raw, will help us fulfill the slogan of “5 a day.”

Two tips regarding the consumption of our ” Olive Oil “, which is ” extra virgin ” and ” cold extraction “, without distinction of the variety of olive and better if it is from the year following the olive harvest. For this, we must get used to reading the food labeling, as also recommended in the guide (and recently in the previous SpT blog entry ), which should state that the extraction procedure is only mechanical.

Extra virgin olive oil label

Our culture and traditional cuisine recipe book offer us a wide variety of ways to consume proteins from animals (lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs) or from plants (mainly legumes and nuts). As a healthier option, they recommend white meats cooked with little fat and served with salads or vegetables. The last two levels are for foods of optional and occasional consumption which enter: red and processed meats (sausages,), spreadable fats, sugar, and sugary products, salt and salty snacks, alcohol, and in the vertex, in pennant shape make a recommendation to take ” multivitamins “. 

The recommendation for the consumption of pastries is that they be made with traditional recipes and ingredients made at home, avoiding industrial products. The consumption of alcohol specifies that it should be ” moderate or avoided “, always in adults, in a responsible way, preferably low- alcohol and of quality, not to exceed two units/glass of wine a day for men and one for women.

The recommendation of alcohol is controversial due to serious health problems, dependency, violence, and accidents related to “excessive consumption”, however, there are studies that show positive effects on mortality from cardiovascular disease associated with moderate or prudent consumption of alcohol in the recommended amounts, describing a “J” -shaped mortality curve, which indicates that abstainers and all those who consume more than the recommended amounts have a higher cardiovascular risk. I recommend reading page 43 of this guide and the article by Dr. R. Struch and E. Sacanella on Alcohol: cardiovascular tonic or toxic? J curve of CV mortality. Taken from Estruch R and Sacanella E., 2005

It is fashionable to consume dietary supplements and multivitamins, far from what may seem the guide includes this recommendation only for “occasions in which there are special needs” and always individually under the advice or prescription of a doctor, pharmacist, dietician-nutritionist, nursing staff, midwife or physiotherapist ”. 

As a complementary part, they leave us some advice regarding the purchase and way of cooking to achieve a sustainable, close, familiar, collaborative diet that I leave you with the recommendation tables in this new guide. The truth is that the degree of overweight and obesity in our society is very high, so I like to insist on the recommendations of this type of eating guide so that we eat healthier.

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