New type of hemodialysis filter to improve the quality of life

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New type of hemodialysis filter to improve the quality of life
New type of hemodialysis filter to improve the quality of life

A doctor said that the new hemodialysis filter strengthens the filtration of medium and macromolecular toxins so that the patient’s spirit and mobility become better. ? 

63-year-old Mr. Werren started kidney dialysis 5 years ago due to diabetes, but due to lack of hemoglobin in the body, he often feels mentally unhealthy, and he has to inject a large amount of erythropoietin every time he dialysis. To prevent anemia, after switching to a new type of hemodialysis filter, it can not only intensify the filtration of medium and macromolecular toxins, but also reduce the amount of erythropoietin in half a year, improving the spirit and activity, and greatly improving the quality of life.

  • Eliminate medium and large molecular toxins and reduce uremia symptoms

The director of the Nephrology Department of China University Hospital, said that after dialysis, the patients experienced symptoms such as poor spirits, skin itching, neuropathy, and joint aches. Because traditional hemodialysis uses diffusion to remove small molecule toxins such as urea nitrogen and creatinine. It can improve the symptoms of uremia such as nausea, vomiting, and coma, but it cannot effectively remove middle or macromolecular toxins, causing many patients with kidney dialysis to have symptoms like patients, which affects their quality of life.

He later said that the traditional design of “artificial kidney” (hemodialysis filter), even if the time and frequency of dialysis is increased, cannot effectively remove the macromolecular toxins in the body and the aforementioned chronic symptoms.

  • Retain the protein needed to reduce dependence on drugs

The new filter can remove medium and large molecular toxins through the dialysis membrane, retain the protein needed by the human body, make the filtration process closer to the original kidney function, improve the nutritional status, and reduce the dependence on drugs.

The doctor pointed out that both traditional and new artificial kidney principles use dialysis syrup for diffusion and removal, but the latter will be filled with clean replenishment fluid, and through the convection produced by a large amount of dehydration, it will remove medium and large molecules, including various types of chronic inflammation in the body. Cytokines, substances that inhibit the effect of erythropoietin, or metabolic wastes from malnutrition, etc., can reduce the potential inflammatory response in the body and have a protective effect on cardiovascular endothelial cells.

Zhou Zheyi the doctor said that whether it is a traditional or a new type of filter, the purpose is to prolong the residual kidney function and eliminate toxins from the body as much as possible, especially the former has a good filtering effect on small molecule toxins, while the latter can strengthen the filtration of large molecule toxins. The doctor will adopt different tools according to the patient’s condition and symptoms to achieve the best treatment effect.

He also reminded that in addition to regular dialysis, patients with dialysis should also control the intake of salt and water in daily life, exercise moderately, control their diet, take medications on time, and maintain stable blood pressure in order to reduce the accumulation of urinary toxins. In case of dying legs, heavy dependence on drugs, poor nutritional status, etc., you can discuss with your doctor to adjust the dialysis mode to improve the quality of life.

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