Obesity and cancer cause – Is Drinking lactic acid healthy?

Obesity and cancer
Obesity and cancer

Obesity and cancer are caused together with the sweet lactic acid drink that is also added to lactic acid bacteria. It is loved by small and small children, but is it healthy to drink every day? In fact, seemingly healthy lactic acid drinks are extremely high in sugar. The nutritionist reminds you to drink sugary drinks frequently and beware of obesity and cancer.

9 to 10 school children drink at least 1 week twice sugary drinks According to a survey conducted by the National Health Agency, more than 90% of primary school children in the united states drink sugary drinks at least once a week, while female school children aged 10-12 years old in the mountains and eastern regions consume more than 10% of the total calories and exceed the national dietary index. Suggest.

The Cancer Care Foundation recently moved to the Hualien campus to set up a special “Shining Mirror River” relating to obesity and cancer experience interactive course, advocating “drink more boiled water, refuse sugary drinks”, and establishing the concept of correct diet for school children.

Is it good to drink lactic acid? 

  • The Cancer Care Foundation joins hands with Lions Clubs International to advance the campus to promote the concept of a correct diet for school children and obesity and cancer

A nutritionist at the Cancer Care Foundation pointed out that in the interactive course on obesity and cancer, students’ favorite drinks are selected, such as black tea in the breakfast shop, lactic acid drinks, carbonated drinks, etc., so that students can guess the estimated sugar content after tasting, and weigh the correct weight after publishing the answer. During the experience, the students found that the actual sugar content of the drink far exceeded the estimated value, and they were shocked.

  • A small bottle of lactic acid drink contains super sugar content which is a high source of obesity and cancer

Some students shared after class, “Breakfast shop black tea tastes astringent and bitter. I didn’t expect that there is 25 grams of sugar in it. I dare not order it next time!” Some students said, “I didn’t expect that the sugar content of lactic acid drinks is the most, so I still don’t drink it!”

This nutritionist at the Cancer Care Foundation said that a small bottle of lactic acid beverages seems to contain the least sugar at first glance which can result in obesity and cancer, In fact, there are 14 grams of sugar per 100 ml. When converted into the same volume, lactic acid beverages have the most sugar.

Are you taking Excessive sugary drinks? then  Beware of obesity, with cancer

This nutritionist at the Cancer Care Foundation also explained that most of the sugar-sweetened beverages are refined sugars, which are high-calorie and low-nutrition foods; if children consume too much, it will cause obesity, metabolic abnormalities, and dental caries, and may also hinder intellectual development, affect learning, and increase future metabolic diseases. And cancer risk.

3 ways to drink water correctly

  • Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of boiled water instead of sugary beverages can reduce calorie intake and avoid the threat of obesity and cancer and various metabolic diseases. Drinking more water can eliminate urine and sweat, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help defecation, help remove waste from the body, and prevent constipation and urethra inflammation.

  • Drink enough

The recommended amount of daily drinking water is weight multiplied by 30. Depending on the body type, the daily drinking amount will fall between 1250~2000c.c. When drinking water, you should drink it several times and drink slowly. Don’t drink too fast or too quickly. Or drink too much at once.

water benefits

Obesity and cancer 

  • Environmental drinking

It is recommended that you bring your own environmentally-friendly cups and do not buy bottled water to avoid health risks caused by ingesting plastic particles.

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