overeating cinnamon? side effects and more

overeating cinnamon? side effects and more

Be careful about overeating cinnamon? Daily intake and side effects of excessive intake of cinnamon.

Cinnamon with a unique sweet scent goes well with dessert, and if you have cinnamon powder, you can easily make cinnamon toast or “cinnamon coffee” , so many households will always need it.

In recent years, the story that cinnamon has a dieting effect and a capillarity enhancing effect has been broadcast on TV, and people who take it as a supplement beyond the range of use as a spice have increased recently.

The “health benefits of cinnamon” are noteworthy, but as a former worker in the “pharmaceutical industry” I’m worried about ” side effects from overdose .”

Yes of course, do you know that overdose of water, as well as medicines, can causes water poisoning? so it’s natural to expect that taking too much cinnamon is not good.

In today article we are going to describes the daily intake of cinnamon and the health hazards of excessive intake,based on a survey conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute on health in 2001- 2018

Be careful about overeating cinnamon? And daily intake and side effects of excessive intake.

Investigation started due to concerns about health damage caused by cinnamon.

A problem with the component called “coumarin” contained in cinnamon

The coumarin content differs depending on the type of cinnamon and the locality!

Comparison of coumarin content by “type of cinnamon” (Ceylon cinnamon and cassia)

Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum)

Cassia (Cinnamomum cassia)

Differences in coumarin content by Cassia production area

Coumarin tolerable daily intake (TDI) as defined by BfR

Ceylon cinnamon is unlikely to cause health damage if it is used regularly

Is commercial cinnamon powder (S & B / GABAN) Ceylon cinnamon or Cassia?

There are different types of S & B cinnamon powder different types of GABAN Cinnamon Powder as well.

Beware of health foods and supplements that contain much of cinnamon in it .

Investigation started due to concerns about health damage caused by cinnamon

Cinnamon capsules were first marketed as a dietary supplement because cinnamon reduced blood sugar levels, such as diabetes, and began to raise concerns about health problems caused by cinnamon.

At that time, attention was focused only on the effects of cinnamon, and due to insufficient data on the safety of cinnamon ingestion, the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) was asked to conduct a risk assessment from the perspective of consumer protection.

In Japan, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Food Safety Assessment Committee in 2006 announced that it will investigate coumarins in cinnamon over time and provide information to Tokyo residents.

Until now, there was not much concern about overdose as a spice, but the survey began when the number of people who took large quantities and continuously took it due to its attention as a health food.

A problem with the component called “coumarin” contained in cinnamon

Are included from the old days in cinnamon cinnamic aldehyde aroma component that is has been well known that adverse effects to the fetus.

This spice is better not ingested during pregnancy because it was said that, during pregnancy is not good to take ,so if you are taking cinnamon during pregnancy tried to refrain from taking as much as possible.

However, it has been discovered that coumarin, a component of cinnamon, can cause liver damage .

Coumarin ” can cause curable liver damage even in relatively small amounts in susceptible individuals, ” states a report by the German BfR.

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