Oyo Ekiti State Commissioner Reveal Names of the Deadly Robbers in the state

Oyo Ekiti State Commissioner Reveal Names of the  Deadly Robbers in the state
Oyo Ekiti State Commissioner Reveal Names of the  Deadly Robbers in the state

Robbery in Oyo ekiti

Robbery in Oye Ekiti

Asuquo , chief of police commander in the Ekiti district is not happy with the robbery scene which always take place every now and then with his perimeters.

chief of police commander 

He even spoke on recent uncountable robbery that has taken lives all to 20 in the state

CCTV reveal it all- commissioner say’s

Recently according to him one of his senior officer and little child took a bullet that lead to their passing by  CCTV reveal it all.

On the matter on ground CCTV also  film one of the bank staff taking money from the vault few seconds before the ambush.

The Police Commissioner prompted newsmen that there is apparently an interest between the bank staff and the criminals who ambushed the police base camp in the town first before setting off to the bank where they trucked away over N25 million.

“The IGP has facilitated that there must be a very thorough assessment and that this technique for movement must be brought to fore,” he said.

“What confounds me is that there was nexus between the robbers and insiders in the budgetary premises. The Oye Police Division is around two or three posts from here. It was the chief motivation behind ambush. The merchants asserted that they heard the shots and it took around 10 minutes before the criminals arrived at the bank starting there.

“Inside the period, there were a couple of activities that went on inside the bank. It is either there was demanding intrigue, or that the bank specialists abused to do their own one of a kind point which an assessment would illustrate.

    “Between the time the bandits ambushed our men and the time the thievery happened, the staff had adequate chance to escape through the leave door. They were gotten by CCTV moving all through the vault. The vault was even opened before the bandits came.”

    Amba further uncovered that N2 million concealed in a compartment and held in the bank has been recovered.

    “Regardless of the possibility, none of them attempted undertakings to escape, they were stuffing money and there is verification to exhibit this,” he said.

    “The staff opened the vault by 3.05 p.m. furthermore, the bandits detonated the security door at 3.12 p.m., this gave a strong uncertainty that there was internal joint exertion in this issue.

    “The compartment was concealed under the table inside the monetary hallway. This should be a bit of the loots from the strong room

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