Pearls In The Dustbin

pearl in the dustbin

When traveling, keep your eye out for little things that can help support your travels.  When you spot a pearl in the dustbin, take it home keep it with you, and put it into your jewelry box.  From there, you can use it as a conversation piece with your friends while traveling or just the perfect gift for that special someone on your list.  The greatest thing about traveling is you get to see the world—and find little treasures like these that remind you how blessed we really are. If you’re broke and jobless, you can borrow money from your friends and family. 

But how many people have the money to make good on their promises? 

Insurance companies won’t pay off their debts if you run up too much of a tab.  And credit cards in general, unless you have a very good reason for wanting more credit card debt than you can handle, can be risky business.  Here are some pearls in the dustbin—and what to do if you find yourself in one. For many years, humans have looked for patterns in nature, hoping to find meaning or purpose.  The search for pearl-like qualities in things has led people to collect hundreds of thousands of objects, from objects as small as shells to larger pieces of artwork. 

Some of these objects are incredibly valuable, and many more are simply curiosity items that were once treasured for their aesthetics as well as their other attributes. There is no place like home is a famous quote from Henry Wadie Said, author of the book ¨A Traveller’s Guide to the Galaxy. 

A true traveler knows that every journey has its beginnings in a place not his own, and ends with a home far from where he started.  As such, finding your true home will be a key component in making the most of any travels you embark upon in the future.

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