Quest diagnostics drug test procedure

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Quest diagnostics drug test procedure

Search for local Quest Diagnostics locations.

Read through the testing process on the order confirmation document you receive from

Once you receive your order confirmation document, be sure to read it carefully. It will contain all the information you need about how to complete the test and what forms of payment, ID, and sample collection are acceptable.

Visit the Quest Diagnostics center as early as possible in the morning to be first in line.

If you’re planning to take a drug test, go early. Really early. You want to be one of the first people to arrive at your Quest Diagnostics location because if you wait until later in the day, there will be more people waiting in line with you and this could mean that it takes longer for each person on the line to get their results. If they have more patients than they can handle per day, they might not even be able to do all of them before closing time!

A lot can happen while you’re waiting: someone else might get sick or injured and need medical attention; another patient might leave without being tested; an employee could call out sick or quit without notice…there are many situations that could cause delays for everyone else online too! The best thing is just getting there as soon as possible so that everyone has an equal opportunity at getting their tests back by a certain deadline (usually within five business days).

Bring a form of valid photo ID (driver’s license, state ID card, or military ID) with you.

Bring a form of valid photo ID (driver’s license, state ID card, or military ID) with you. This is required to ensure that the test is administered by an authorized professional and not a person who could tamper with or alter the results.

When it’s your turn, sign in at the front desk of Quest Diagnostics and bring a copy of the order confirmation form you received from to the receptionist.

When it’s your turn, sign in at the front desk of Quest Diagnostics and bring a copy of the order confirmation form you received from to the receptionist. Make sure to bring a valid photo ID as well!

Next, you’ll need to provide a specimen by peeing it into a cup (no cheating!). This may take up to five minutes so feel free to listen to music or just relax while you’re waiting. You’ll be given an envelope with the sample inside that has been pre-labeled with your name and date of birth; put this in your pocket so that it doesn’t get mixed up with anyone else’s samples during testing.

You will also need to pay for analysis; cash or credit cards are accepted but we recommend using cash if possible because credit card processing fees can increase the cost significantly (upwards of $10).

You’ll be asked to submit a urine specimen in an on-site bathroom. Make note of the type of specimen required (male or female).

  • If you don’t have a sample of your own, you can buy one from the lab.

  • Be sure to use a clean container that has not been used for anything other than its intended purpose.

  • Women will be asked to provide a urine sample in an on-site bathroom.

Quest diagnostics drug test procedure

Quest Diagnostics is one of the most trusted names in drug testing. They have been around for 30 years, and their reputation has only gotten better over time. Their testing facilities are in hundreds of different locations across North America, so if you’re trying to pass a test but aren’t sure where exactly to go, it’s likely your local Quest Diagnostics will be able to help you out.

The following is an overview of how their process works:

  • You’ll receive instructions from your employer or school regarding which tests they want you to take, as well as when and where they need them completed (quest diagnostics drug test procedure). If you don’t know if this applies to you at all yet, contact your employer or school directly before going any further with this article.

  • Make sure that all required documentation needs are met before taking any type of test (quest diagnostics drug test procedure). For example: If someone else needs access on behalf of the patient/client who’s being tested due to confidentiality reasons then those two individuals must present valid identification along with a photo ID upon arrival at the location where testing will occur – otherwise known as “verifying”, which means signing a paper saying both parties agree on things like which type/amounts/types etcetera [sic] items needed or other specifics such as dates etcetera


Congratulations on completing your drug test! You’re almost done, but not quite. We’ll need to check the results of your drug test before you get back to us. Since we don’t know what you’ve tested for, we can’t guarantee that you will pass 100%. But if there are no drugs in your system, then it’s all good news and nothing bad will happen. So do some research and make sure that you’re doing everything right so that your drug test goes as planned!

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