Reason why Lagos state in Nigeria has more covid-19 cases : Lagos health commissioner

Reason why Kano state in Nigeria has more covid-19 : Lagos health commissioner

Lagos Health Commissioner Professor Akin Abayomi explains why there are more cases of coronavirus in the country than in Kano, which shares demographic data.

At a press conference on Thursday (May 21), the health commissioner said the number of coronaviruses had risen sharply. He said that in the case of coronavirus, Lagos status has not yet reached its peak, but the number of reported cases is consistent with the trend described in its module.

Abayomi announced that Lagos’s test capacity has increased, while Kano recently announced that it has only one test center in operation. The Health Commissioner, who announced that there are four functional test centers in Lagos, said that more cases were diagnosed in this study.

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Abaiomi also mentioned a decentralized sample of the country. According to him, people no longer have to wait until the country’s epidemiological team goes home to take samples, or to the quarantine center for testing for the corona virus. 

Abayomi said there are 20 sampling centers in the state where residents can easily enter to prepare samples for testing. On May 20, Lagos confirmed 2954 cases of coronavirus, and Kano confirmed 847 cases.

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