Running Blender 2.8 and OpenGL 3.3 on Windows

Running Blender 2.8 and OpenGL 3.3 on Windows

 Running “blender without graphic card is the main problem of buying a Laptop that does not have a separate video card, the drivers are only made for a single generation and although they can be supported, the idea of ​​Intel is that you buy a new laptop as soon as possible, in the case From a desktop PC, your solution is simple, buy a second-hand video card or a new one that supports your computer and its OpenGL 3.3 specifications that are from 2013 onward just like “blender without graphic card”

If your problem is that you don’t have another Laptop and you want to use a blender without a graphic card” on an HD 3000 or HD 2000, the answer is simple, create another partition on your hard drive or put another hard drive by eliminating the DVD drive with a SATA adapter for it. second hard drive and install Ubuntu in that enclosure, which has an OpenGl driver that does not exist in Windows.

In Windows, Intel did not give a shit for its users and despite having Hardware support, the reality is that they did not release any driver with 3.3 support.

So the options you have:

1. As I said, use Ubuntu to use Blender 2.8 if it is a laptop.

2. On a Desktop, buy an Nvidia or AMD illustrations card disabling the integrated card once you have established and with drivers the video card and use the latest drivers. 

3. You can run Blender in HD 3000  or “blender without graphic card and HD 2000 in 32-bit Windows through a library that is offered by Federico Dossena, who compiled the opengl32.dll library on his website, just copy it to the Blender folder in WindowsC: Program Files Blender Foundation Blender . Blender may not run correctly, nothing can be guaranteed.

4. In 64-bit Windows it can be started by installing Natron, we will have to check the Legacy hardware support option:

Running Blender 2.8 and OpenGL 3.3 on Windows

 In the Natron network folder we have a folder called bin and in it is “opengl32.dll” that you will copy to the main Blender folder in C: Program Files Blender Foundation Blender, and to it, all the files in the bin folder commencing with “lib”.

It is relatively impossible to handle in 64bit, it is just sluggish even using a Core i7 2630QM because OpenGl assistance is emulated.

Running Blender 2.8 and OpenGL 3.3 on Windows

Fortunately, I have two laptops and one of them does have Windows backing for Opengl 3.3 thanks to the evidence that it is HD 4000, but the different, which is a Core i7, since it is an HD 3000, I will think about using Ubuntu with the second adapter hard drive but at the moment it is not a priority.

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