Step by step: How can you bind a tie

Step by step: How can you bind a tie
Step by step: How can you bind a tie

how to tie a professional tie

learn the Step by step: How can you bind a tie, So briefly we are going to look into the 3 most important tie nodes more n this article. A tie is not difficult. Well, it shows you in simple steps, as you bind a lump of four-in-hand and a Windsor basically, each man must dominate only 3 knots: the lump of four by hand, the individual and double Windsor nodes. And if you regularly have festive occasions in the program, it may hurt also to bind a fly. How do I connect a tie right? The following is applied to each tie node: first place the tie with the seam inside and the wide end on the left side of the chest. In the end, both ends must be around the same length and finish on the waist. Besides, the node should never be so broad that the peaks of the necklace rise from the sleeve.

Understood? You can go! By the way: Did you know that there are other short-neck forms that only the classic variant? If you click here, you will find the most important shirt neck forms. The so-called lump of four in the hand never leaves the style 1. The lump of four in his hand is the classic when there is a link that all the man should use, that’s it.  The so-called lump of four in the hand never goes out of style and is the most versatile way to tie a tie as it fits almost all forms of the neck. Beautiful side effect: its elongated shape extends the area of the neck, which makes it thin! Here are the instructions in the form of a picture and text. 

Step-by-step instructions for a standard tie node

Instructions: Link The four-hand tie node in hand

  1. Line the loop around the neck and place the final width on the narrow part of the tie.
  2. Then, have the wider ends around the back of the narrow and fix the interface with the thumb and the index. 
  3. RD + 4. Now place the wide part of the right tie and then insert it into the neck below half the node.
  4. Finally, pull on the end of the width between the outermost layer and the underlying layer of the node, hold the narrow part of the tie and pull the knot gently. 
  5. Now personalize the knot, done! A little advice: If you still need a new suit, we have gathered some tips for you, as you can find the perfect suit for you. 
  6. Tying the tie with the simple Windsor knot with this knot has the real dignity of the English crown on his neck: Edward VIII made the Windsor famous. Attention: The Windsor node is much wider than the four-person knot and, therefore, is suitable only for necklaces with extensive tips, for example, the shark collar. 

Attention: Due to its large structure, the Windsor visually shortens the neck area. And as you need a lot of cloth, the tie linked can be too short for very large men. It is better to try quickly before buying the tie.  

Step-by-step instructions to make simple Node instructions 

  1. Windsor: ATE the Windsor Neck Node 
  2. Line Tie and place the wide part of the wide part on the narrow part.  With this node, you must now reach the broader end much more than what you have done with the node before. 
  3. Place the end of the width under the narrow part through the opening of the neck. 
  4. Then place the wide right and guide it under the narrow end to the left side. 
  5. Put the wide part again and guide it under the loop in the direction of the chin. 
  6. Slide the end of the width between the outer layers of the node, as it has done with all four hands. 
  7. Finally, tighten the knot carefully and set the tie. 
  8. The double Windsor knot is perfect for short men. The double Windsor node is an XL version of the single Windsor node, so it is thus called the Double Windsor node.

Since the tie is bound twice, the knot rises significantly and the tie is generally shorter. This leads to the double Windsor the perfect variant for short men Knot. The draw looks too short in tallboys. Suggestion: Since the node is so voluminous, it is better to join the double Windsor knot with distribution-neck corners, such as Hie or Kent’s necklaces.  

Step-by-step instructions for the production of a double node Windsor Adjustment binding: 

  • The double Windsor node step by step

  1. The end of the width, approximately 25 centimeters for longer, crosses over the strait. two Slide it through the loop form below so that the wide end is back on the right side of your chest. 
  2. Cross the slim end around the back
  3. 4. + 5. Now whipping from the front through the loop and your right chest a bit. 
  4. Cross the narrow end around the front (this is the last loop) and slide it through the loop from behind. 
  5.  A 9. Finally, through the loop and tightening. 4 So they tie a fly (with a little exercise) Make the fly: 

As soon as the festive occasions are in the program, the high art of a crossed tie is on demand. But we have to admit that it is not so easy. You must practice it and provide a predefined fly if necessary. Well, show yourself step by step, how to tie a fly on the right. Make them fly! It is very easy to pass the instructions by step for a fly how to link a tie: How to tie a fly step by step? 

1. + 2. The left end of the loop must reach four inches lower than the right. Drive the right end on the left and pull it through the loop from below.  3RD + 4. Then, the front part of the shorter end is reduced by half and forms in a loop horizontally with the index finger and the left thumb.  The longest end falls. 5. The index finger of the right-hand rests in the lower half of the hanging part. This is pushed behind the front loop.  This creates another loop, which is plugged by the node behind the front loop. 6. Align the ends and tighten the node. Is not a fly enough to round your chic team? Click here for 6 large luxury watches you need to see. 


Tying a tie is not difficult to see, it does not have to be a sailor to make a good knot. With a small skill and our instructions for binding links and bow links, it is not a problem, even for beginners.

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