Tainan Crispy Pork Review

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Tainan Crispy Pork  Review

Tainan Crispy Pork/Only 1 piece sold in the hidden dusk market/Limited to 100 pieces per day, you can’t eat it in the evening/23 kinds of spices marinated/The production time is up to 32 hours/Taiwan warm body pig 

Hidden Twilight Market only sells

type of crispy pork specialty store, marinated with twenty-three kinds of spices, the production time is up to 32 hours, and there is a daily limit of 100 pieces that can’t be eaten in the evening.

In Yongkang Shangqing Dusk Market, go straight to the end from the fruit and vegetable area and look left to find the stall


booth appearance


It is marinated with Taiwanese pork belly plus


kinds of spices. After marinating, it must be air-dried for at least


hours. The production time of each crispy pig is as long as



The daily limit is


pieces, and the stall will be closed when sold out.





When cutting the meat, you can also hear the super crisp sound, which is very healing, and you

wear gloves during the whole process of cutting the meat. Paying attention to hygiene is a plus.


With Spicy Noodles and Plum Noodles


 You can choose the cooking method by yourself when you buy it at home


Small portion real shot


Kazuki is super crispy, and the marinade is quite tasty. There is no porky smell at all. It is very suitable to eat alone or to buy bread by yourself. You can change it in a variety of ways.

10 It has a unique flavor when paired with spicy noodles and plum noodles

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