The Causes of Virginal Odor and How to Treat It

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The Causes of Virginal Odor and How to Treat It

The Causes of Virginal Odor and How to Treat It

The Causes of Virginal Odor and How to Treat It Virginal odor, though not dangerous, can be embarrassing and may even deter potential partners from pursuing you sexually, especially if the odor is particularly pungent. The good news is that there are natural ways to treat virginal odor without using artificial or chemical-based methods that can actually exacerbate the problem over time. By using these natural methods, your virginal odor will be effectively treated in no time at all.

Why does it happen?

When a woman’s hymen is still intact, she may experience slight bleeding or some virginal odor after engaging in sex. In many cases, such a phenomenon may be due to excessive dryness down there. Luckily, it’s usually not a cause for concern as it shouldn’t come with any other symptoms like itching or burning. For example, post-hymen breakage bleeding generally only happens if you have an infection in your vagina, such as bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis. If your bleeding is more than just spotting though and doesn’t go away after taking care of your vaginal health through dietary changes and/or topical treatments, visit your healthcare provider for additional tests.

What to do if you have a smelly vagina

While it’s normal for your vagina to have a certain odor, sometimes it can become overpowering. This type of odor is usually caused by an imbalance in your vagina’s pH levels. There are a few ways you can treat virginal odor on your own, but if you’re experiencing severe discomfort or pain during intercourse, see your doctor. It could be a sign that something else is going on with your health that needs attention. Here are some things you can do

How to avoid it in the future

The best way to avoid virginal odor is to be hygienic. Shower at least once a day, use proper feminine hygiene products, dry yourself thoroughly after washing and make sure your hands are clean before you handle your private parts. By keeping your area clean you’ll be better prepared for any intimacy that comes along. If it does come as a surprise or if there is some time between intimate moments, don’t hesitate to have a quick shower or bath before spending intimate time with someone new. There are times when virginal odor will linger but taking proper precautions should make it less likely that there will be an odor during those times. Finding out what causes virginal odor can help you prevent it in future intimate moments.

Maintaining your vaginal health

The causes of virginal odor are fairly common, but they can be easily treated by using a natural vaginal health spray. While it’s normal for a woman’s vagina to have its own unique scent, strong or offensive odors may indicate an infection. When an infection occurs in your vaginal area, it tends to spread quickly throughout your reproductive organs. Bacterial vaginosis is one type of infection that often causes an offensive odor in your vagina. If you notice any unusual symptoms along with a bad odor, make sure you speak with your physician as soon as possible about treatment options available for bacterial vaginosis. A popular treatment for bacterial vaginosis is a prescription medication that clears up any existing infections while preventing future infections from occurring again.

What is the normal smell of Virginal?

Vaginal odor is a natural occurrence. Our vaginas are self-cleaning, which means that your vaginal smell won’t be fishy unless you have an infection. If you notice any abnormal changes in your vaginal discharge, such as an unusual smell or color change, then it’s important to see your doctor for treatment. The cause of virginal odor can vary from person to person. Some women may have a strong reaction to semen during their first sexual experience; therefore, it makes sense why there could be some discomfort regarding normal vaginal scent after sex for women who have never had intercourse before. However, it isn’t just sex that can change your natural scent — anything from douching too much or having a new sexual partner may contribute as well.

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