The most anticipated fiction and fantasy of 2020

The most anticipated fiction and fantasy of 2020
Today Pinocchio is entering the screens – a new adaptation of his beloved fairy tale, which this time received not only a gloomy and practically Burtonian interpretation but also 15 (!) Nominations for the national Italian film award “David di Donatello”
We study the movie poster and figure out what other fantasies and science-fiction films are worth paying attention to this year.


About: the legendary story of the revived wooden doll Pinocchio Pinocchio is based on the famous book of the same name by Carlo Collodi.
Why wait: the film was put on by the two-time winner of the Cannes palm branch, Matteo Garrone, and multiple ministers and Academy Award winners (for the films of the Harry Potter and Star Wars series) Mark Coulier and Nick Dudman worked on creating special effects. You can be absolutely confident in the highest quality of directing and visual leaving.
When: from March 12, 2020

Trailer .

Boss Level a. k. a. Quantum of time
The most anticipated fiction and fantasy of 2020

About what: the hero of the film falls into a temporary loop, where over and over again he experiences his death at the hands of unknowns, led by a powerful villain.
Why wait: the first directorial work of Joe Carnahan, the director of Team A, Trump Aces, and Fights, develops the ideas of Groundhog Day, Source Code, and The Edge of the Future. In the role of the main boss – Mel Gibson.
When: from April 16, 2020
Mysterious garden

The most anticipated fiction and fantasy of 2020
About what: at the end of the 19th century, an orphan girl is in the care of a widowed relative. Left to herself, the heroine finds a secret garden – an amazing place where any wishes are fulfilled.
Why wait: the script is based on the Anglo-American bestseller, in which the story of growing up is framed by a beautiful, touching, and very emotional tale. Over the past 100 years, the book has already been made ten times, and after almost a 30-year pause, the Mysterious Garden is ready to receive visitors again.
When: from April 30, 2020
The most anticipated fiction and fantasy of 2020

About what: when a single mother with children moves to the suburbs, they learn about the secret heritage that their grandfather left behind.
Why wait: the picture, for obvious reasons, will not be the third part in the literal sense of the word, but it was shot by the son of the director of the original dilogue about Ghostbusters and, with any luck, promises to correct the mistakes made by the disastrously vulgar remake of 2016.
When: from July 9, 2020
Trailer .
The most anticipated fiction and fantasy of 2020
About what: an epic action whose plot develops around international espionage and time travel.
Why wait: Christopher Nolan’s new film, shot by him in his own script.
When: from July 16, 2020
Trailer .
The most anticipated fiction and fantasy of 2020
About what: the main character is tormented by strange visions and he soon learns that these are memories of his past lives.
Why wait: the author of the fighters “The Great Equalizer”, “The Fall of Olympus”, and “Tears of the Sun” sets foot on the safari paths and prepares an intriguing epic about a secret society that has guided the development of human history for centuries.
When: from August 6, 2020
Monster hunter
The most anticipated fiction and fantasy of 2020
About what: a detachment of earthlings is abandoned in an unknown world, where they have to survive in battles against huge enemies endowed with incredible power.
Why wait: new action-fantasy collaboration from the family duo Mila Jovovich and her spouse-director Paul US Anderson is based on a series of Japanese video games and, in all likelihood, has considerable chances to become a replacement for the cult, but now deceased film franchise “Resident Evil.”
When: from September 3, 2020
The most anticipated fiction and fantasy of 2020
About what: the story of the confrontation between the boy and the heroines from the tales of his grandmother – real witches who hatched an insidious plan for the knowledge of all children.
Why wait: the adaptation of the classic work of Roald Dahl (“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Peerless Mr. Fox”) has already hit the wide screens in the 1990th year and to this day remains one of the most beloved “Halloween” fantasy. The new version is made jointly by Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron, and Robert Zemeckis – and the latter also acts as a screenwriter and director, promising to make the story much more accurately follow his literary source.
When: from October 15, 2020
Godzilla vs Kong
The most anticipated fiction and fantasy of 2020
What: Godzilla is facing King Kong, and the world has to see which of them is the true King of Monsters.
Why wait: the long-awaited crossover movie, in which for the first time in more than half a century the famous kaiju will appear on the screen together.
When: from November 19, 2020
The most anticipated fiction and fantasy of 2020
About what: 20 years after the grand battle in which the superhero destroyed the supervillain and mysteriously disappeared, the main character begins to suspect that the old neighbor has a direct relationship to those events.
Why wait: the new film of the director of the war horror Overlord (a free film adaptation of the Wolfenstein shooter series) starring Stallone, shot according to the script of the authors of one of the most successful horror films of 2019, Claustrophobes.
When: from December 10, 2020
The most anticipated fiction and fantasy of 2020
About what: Paul Atreides is the son of a noble family who will lead a desert army, defeat the galactic emperor and protect the most valuable resource in the universe.
Why wait: the second full-length film adaptation of the epic world of Frank Herbert, in which Dani Villeneuve takes the baton from David Lynch. Obviously, it will not be even half as crazy as the father of Twin Peaks, but the fact of the return of spice is an event in itself.
When: from December 17, 2020

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