The origin of denomination

The origin of denomination

The origin of denomination  What is Denomination? “Denomination” definition is a well known sovereignty department of a a particular set(church) which would be refer to as one body that includes a lot of district churches that are layout all over the continent.  denomination of Christianity

Having seeing the All state predicted and its gradual metamorphose in Roman Catholic church,The next is to unravel the gradual development of denominationalism.

Martin Luther was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest in 1508 and a professor of theology in 1510 in the university of wittenberg Germany.
The origin of denomination

Beside other things Luther was dissatisfied over sale of indulgence in raising money for the building of coverings for the remain of peter and Paul

When the money is paid to the officers church ,William woodson , confirm the buyer would receive full and complete absolution of his sins and plenary would immediately be release from the pain of purgatory ,Luther has challenge the absolute authority of doctrine of the indulgence as authorized and taught by pop was wrong,Luther maintained that salvation was by faith alone.

Sola fida  without reference to God works,alms,penance or church sacrament.

The conflict that was heard and Luther made his deathless defense the most august body of political and ecclesiastical potentates of his time on April 17th 1521 at the old bishops hall at worms.
The origin of denomination

Luther argued that all mankind are free to read and solely governed by the words of God without any edit of council or creed taking precedence.

The outcome of all these was as salvation by faith alone (SOLA-FIDE)

Today there exist the evangelical Lutheran Church in A America and the Lutheran church in mission (DENOMINATIONS)

Moreover what Luther did in Germany was also experienced by Ulrich Zwingli in  Switzerland, He was made a priest in 1519 in Zurich and he began preaching sermons from the Bible condemning practiced not Found in the bible.

in 1522 he married a widow and wrote 67 proposition for debate on Catholicism namely  saints and the intercessors,there is no purgatory picture of idols were to be removed from Church buildings and transubstantiation was also repudiated  Zwingli differed from Luther and as such did not become a Lutheran,Luther would remove only what the bible condemned but zwingli would approve only what the bible set forth.

They could not finally agree on consubstantiation and zwingli named his own people Christian civil league .

finally it has become a normal thing for a junior pastor to be called by God to establish a ministry of his own under another business name and the ministry will time turn into a full blow church

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