The Tamagotchi soon back as a connected watch

The Tamagotchi soon back as a connected watch

The Tamagotchi was soon back as a connected watch Lnostalgic video game fans remember this famous little pet: the Tamagotchi, inspired by an egg, was all the rage in the 1990s. On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the famous game returns in a more modern, reports the Input site, echoed in  Ouest-France on  Monday, June 21. 

The concept: a connected watch called Tamagotchi Start, available in Japan at a price of 50 euros created in 1996 in Japan, the virtual animal comes with new features, including a built-in pedometer, camera, and connectivity with other devices. Owners of a Tamagotchi Smart can “talk” to their little companion, thanks to voice recognition. However, the technology used does not allow you to actually interact with the Tamagotchi, but simply to “wake it up”, according to the analysis of Input. The touch screen of the watch is designed to be able to stroke the animal, with an estimated battery life of 30 hours.

No release is planned in France

In addition to the watch, it will be possible to buy TamaSma cards, at 8 euros, to enrich the experience with additional characters and objects. If the format is modernized, the rules remain the same: to keep your little character alive, you must not forget to feed him, otherwise his life expectancy will drop significantly! For now, this modernized version will only be available in Japan, starting November 23. The publisher of the game, Bandai Namco, has not communicated on a possible release of the game in France or in Europe.

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