Tips to keep your teeth healthy in winter!

Tips to keep your teeth healthy in winter!

In winter, when the temperature drops and the amount of sunlight decreases, our body becomes less active and our immune system is easily weakened. Therefore, winter health care is more important than ever. Often people are interested in managing adult diseases such as dry skin or high blood pressure, but dental health care needs as much attention as this. Keeping your teeth healthy in winter can be a great help in maintaining healthy teeth.

If the tooth is sore from the cold wind



    It is necessary to suspect the progression of periodontal disease If the cold wind starts to blow and the temperature drops and the toothache at the same time, it is necessary to suspect period on tois . Toothache is often neglected simply because of the cold, but the periodontal disease does not show any noticeable symptoms even if teeth and gum disease progress for a long time.

    Some people who suffer from this soreness often show signs of bleeding or frequent swelling of the gums when brushing their teeth. If the symptoms of a sore tooth appear, do not leave it unattended, but visit the dentist for accurate treatment and scaling.

    Lifestyle habits in winter may cause deterioration of dental health

    The health of your teeth may be at risk due to lifestyle habits that are inadvertently taken in winter. People with weak gums have to be careful about these behaviors, although they often bite their teeth unknowingly because of the cold when they go out. If you put a strong strain on the jaw, it can also affect the gum bone and cause gum disease.

    You should also be careful about hot foods that are often sought out in winter. Salt or fat contained in foods such as soups can stick to the teeth and cause tooth decay. Also, if you eat hot food and drink cold water right away, your teeth may not be able to withstand the temperature difference and cause microcracks. These lifestyle habits need more attention, especially in the case of the elderly with weak teeth and gums.

    Frequent drinking is an enemy of dental health. As the

    year-end and New Year holidays are approaching, the teeth and gums are constantly suffering from the increasing number of drinking parties, such as gatherings and drinking parties. Alcohol in alcohol basically contains sugar, which is bad for teeth, but fruit wines such as wine contain fructose, so the sugar level is higher.

    Snacks that cannot be missed at a drinking party are also a problem. Snacks such as stew or radish contain a large amount of salt, which can make periodontitis worse. If you eat too much tough and hard squid or dried snacks, you should be careful as it can cause strain on the jaw joint and weaken the gums.

    If you can’t avoid frequent drinking, it’s good to drink plenty of water when drinking. Because it can help dilute any sugar or salt remaining in your mouth. In addition, it is good to eat a lot of snacks such as cucumbers and carrots that have little sugar and are rich in fiber

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