Tips to Relieve Ache and Muscles Physical Therapy

Tips to Relieve Ache and Muscles Physical Therapy
Tips to Relieve Ache and Muscles Physical Therapy 

Pains from poor posture hurt and Back Pain Tips, Stretches to Relieve Ache, and Muscles Physical Therapy is what we are going to pure light on today. I’m going to be demonstrating some stretches that you guys can do at home that are simple and effective.

These stretches can help you get back to shape fast without raking any supplements. So to start off this series, this is a great way to kind of find out where you are a baseline. Try to kind of see where some of your restrictions are, and to know if you need stretches to alleviate that, if you have strength deficits or if you need a massage. We call this walk-out “wall angel” what I’m going to teach you here is magical. Before we begin, take a shower and eat soft goods and get ready.

Stretches for upper back pains

Be against the wall, walk your feet out till you’re about 6 to 12 inches away from the wall.

  • Remember to have it in mind that the further you are the more you get to kind of cheat.

So you have significant restrictions you’ll want to cheat a little bit and I’m okay with that, but kind of think about 6 to 12 inches second thing.

STEP 2: Stretches for lower back pain

Now take a step against the wall and flatten your back against the wall, remember to stay calm as you do this.

Where the spine is in an S, I want you to create a curve by touching the wall once that’s established use that as your first kind of piece until you get it then add Your arms up at 90 degrees.

What happens here is the wrist should be able to touch the wall so that it significant restriction about 2 inches from the wall.

Hope it is not difficult holding your back flat because I want the body to be able to have the abs tighten.

STEP 3 lower back pain stretches

Put the back in the neutral position and then see if It got access to the full range of motion of his shoulders. And you are going to need stretching for this PEC series soft tissue work
If you can actually do this then you would add a component of sliding arms up and see if you can actually keep contact with the wall as you do this 

  • Remember in this movement you are going to feel some discomfort you’re going to feel discomfort in your lower back.

Feel like touching the back even though there’s still a gap in the upper pecs

You would be trapped on fire  doing this  because you will be  stretched to the limit

But don’t worry still hold back and try to extend and touch the wall I know this will be very very

uncomfortable for you at first and this is your exercise to kind of start to see if you can get comfortable in this position.

STEP 4:Exercises for the back

Now bend in the knees about 12 inches from the wall back to make it completely flat, he’s fairly comfortable in this position because your right arm will be completely touching the wall.

Make a  small restriction of your left arm and you will actually feel a little bit of a restriction through here.

Get your arm back to the wall but this is at least how it should look and it should be fairly comfortable to do so once you finish with your wall angel.

When you finish doing this you will kind of figure out where so many of your restrictions are.

  • Remember we’re going to try and start to open up the pecs and get this back to start moving.

STEP 5: Single best exercise for lower back pain

Lock your hands behind your neck to protect the neck, try and put the elbows as close as you can together, all you’re going to do is just a little wall slide.

slide your elbows up the wall like trying to gain access to some extension or opposite fifty-fifty plan.

This works most if you spent all day slumpy sitting at work, this is where you will want to start getting some extension.

You can actually slide up and back, you can hold this for a sustained in the stretch, gets the triceps, the lats, and again I’m looking for the mobility of the spine we are talking about opening up the pecs.

Also, this is a couple of PEC stretches that you can do at home that works like magic.

you can find a corner and gets both arms simultaneously placed in a T position and walk as close as you can to the wall.

STEP 6 ..Physiotherapy for lower back pain

Find a nice good stretch and hold this for like ten seconds, some people do thirty Seconds and so on.

By doing this you will see that you will feel good and comfortable with it.

Is not painful, the other thing that you can do is put your arms high, this can get you one of the other series of PEC muscles.


  • You can also do this with just one arm against a wall, put the arm against the wall, and just simply turn your body and walk away, you will feel the stretch if you do this I bet you.

You can change the angle of the arm to forty-five up a little higher 

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