United kingdom new season COVID-19 rules and regulations

Christmas cancelled in the uk

Uk pm cancel christmas gathering

Here is about these the restriction the Uk Pm order in the Uk,the prime minister really did not want to do a headstand in parliament on Wednesday that I’m not going to criminalize Christmas but the fact is that the authorities in the last 48 hours 3 days hands has been on the decks.

Government christmas covid rules 2020

They’ve been looking at some very worrying figures, some very worrying that it’s all about that new area in manchac this new area of coronavirus that the authority talks abouts is much more transmissible it is extremely common in London and South-East of England and it’s driven.

 The Spread and driven this last-minute w

uk government christmas covid rules

decision to put these tough new measures and took listen to the Prime Minister said about this area the Numbers were higher mortality but it does appear to be passed on significantly more easily then the owner the original version of the disease

england christmas covid rules

Covid-19 rules more strict in the UK now

There’s two numbers, there that I want you to pay attention to. The first the up to 70% more transmissible that’s very concerning that’s very high up to 70% more transmissible and quite closely and this is the part that really scared the scientist and scared the authorities.

This is a very critical a piece of data that essentially tells us how quickly the virus spreads how many people, one person who’s infected will then intern in fact to themselves and what the prime minister said there is that it can increase that or number could increase that our number by quite exponential.

UK Christmas rules

 That’s exactly why they put these new restrictions into place in the Uk .

The  rules went into effect this morning so when the Prime Minister announced it, it was just a matter of hours that’s why you saw people scrambling towards the train station tier four rules which essentially function like a lockdown, all non essential shops close people must stay at home and work from home and crucially of course “I’ll travel is restricted this period this is also a special relaxation rules.


An associate Professor of molecular virology at Northumbria University.

The new strain in a window about the viruses mutate all-time, I believe there’s already been several variants of it already  I hear that this new variant in the UK is 70 + spread in Ohio if all other things are equal between the two variants including basically hospitalization of adult colouring and the telstra then this is bound to increase the number of people that will end up in hospital and it will increase the number of people who will buy out of it because it gets far more effectively.

No need to stress that it’s a little bit difficult part how exactly it does because i have done a massive  increase in pension and the consequences that early in the new year can be brutal into anything yeah I mean I want to get back to Christmas or just on what you said so to emphasize that this isn’t necessarily more deadly but more people might die because of it.

I’m just wondering with the flu vaccine its efficacy of waxes and wanes depending on the mutations that season and sometimes it’s a practical steps to you .

no less than 50% depending on how well it works so would we see similar implications for the efficacy of the covered back settings.

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