Want to be a researcher? Know the steps

Want to be a researcher? Know the steps

Want to be a researcher? Know the steps
Why do most students waste almost the entire semester time saving for the night before the exam?

I don’t care about this at all and I myself am a big victim of this problem.

Or the matter of falling asleep as soon as you sit down to read!. But God! When I went to do research, I was in great danger. I couldn’t do the “C” of the research, but when I went to study about human psychology, I started to feel bad.

When I study one topic, I forget another. I can’t read for a long time because I don’t have the habit of reading. Such  As Study Tips Skill Development Motivational Life Hacks Admission Test Careers Global Miscellaneous e.t.c

Know the steps to be a researcher

Why do most students waste the whole semester time for the night before the exam?

The first step in becoming a researcher is to test again and again whether you really want to be a researcher. The process of becoming a researcher is deeply involved in building a career in the academic line. It can be said that being a researcher means a person in the academic line

But there are some things to keep in mind. There is a sense of responsibility just as there is freedom in the process of building this career in the academic line. If you are in a group of people who have been on vacation for a long time or have been taking frequent breaks from work, I would say that it is important to be a researcher.

“Brother  I like to do research, so I will be a researcher.” Then it is a very good thing. If you work hard to feel good, but everyone can be surpassed! So whatever decision you make, it must be very thoughtful!

Get out of your comfort zone this time

This matter is much more important. To be a researcher, you need to know new things all the time, to meet people who fit your mind set up, to come up with new ideas, or to study.

Be humble and learn to be critical

You have to learn to be humble in the process of becoming anything, not just a researcher. You will make a thousand mistakes in each step and for that mistake see the criticism of the people around you as a way to correct your mistake.

Improve communication skills:

This is one of the most important steps. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. If you can’t present your ideas and research properly in front of them then

Want to be a researcher? Know the steps

Why do most students waste the whole semester time for the night before the exam?

Also, one of the things you need to practice is to ask more and more questions. Because you can find out only by asking questions. It is the job of the hole researchers to move around with more and more questions without worrying about the answers.

What are the qualities to be a researcher

Qualities of the researcher:
Project Management:
Project Man, including planning the entire project management, starting with the necessary information according to that plan, gathering resources, raising the necessary funds to continue the research.

It is a matter of hard work. A researcher should have a good idea of ​​how to get the best results from other co-workers. Otherwise the research team will not “survive”.


In terms of information technology, every day some big change is coming. And the most important thing for researchers is the data, its collection, maintenance, analysis, starting from almost all kinds of work is needed for this information technology.

MPhil researcher what

MPhil is the Master of Philosophy. This is a post graduate degree. This is an advanced research degree. Its position is right after the Ph.D.

Research in Africa

The hope is that although the rate of research in Africa is low, at present teachers are becoming research oriented. Many studies fall on deaf ears due to lack of proper monitoring and funding. But at present some research is giving hope to Africans.

Africa University of Science and Technology has recently developed an affordable technology for cancer detection through research. Dr. Miguel Ramira is leading the entire research team. Non-linear optical technology has been used in it.

Nigeria Agricultural University has developed soil testing kit through research.

Africa has also come a long way through research in many other fields.

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