Where are Linda Opdycke and Michael Oakes Today After the Passing of Mark Stover?

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Mark Stover Death Notice

Mark Stover Death Notice

Except for the fact that Mark’s mother raised him when his father passed away when he was just 18 months old, nothing is known about his early years. He frequently got into problems as a teenager for consuming marijuana. He got expelled from school in high school. He met a German Shepherd called Gunther when he was in this unstable state. The beginning of Mark’s profession as a dog trainer began when he taught this dog to be a rescue dog after they quickly grew inseparable.

Relationships and Divorce of Mark Stover

Linda Opdycke sought assistance teaching her dog when Mark first started his work as a dog trainer. For further information, see Jeff Conaway’s Death: Age, Injuries, Autopsy, and Net Worth. Where are Michael Oakes and Linda Opdycke? Linda is now the daughter of “Wally Opdycke,” a multimillionaire who formerly shared ownership of K2 Ski Company and Chateau Ste. 

Michelle Wines. They started dating a few months later, and three months into their relationship in the early 1990s, they founded Dog Adventures on Kiket Island, a private island that belonged to Linda’s family.

The pair decided to finally get married after 11 years of dating. Nonetheless, there was a conflict in the union. Linda said that Mark was frequently concerned with money, constantly enraged, frequently nasty to others, and a frequent gun owner who threatened them with his weapons.

After three years of marriage, she filed for divorce in 2005 because she found the marriage to be intolerable. Mark, however, resisted getting legal representation and viewed Linda’s decision to get divorced as a declaration of war.

She was forced to relocate far from him as a consequence, giving the family company and home to him, but Mark continued to look for her until he located her and started stalking her.

The murder of Mark Stover

The divorce papers were finally signed by Mark, however, it was noted that Mark continued to harass Linda. He frequently harassed her via letters and phone calls and would enter her home armed and without permission. According to her, he was once caught on a security camera roaming around her house by 2: 30am

A restraining order was granted against Mark at the beginning of 2008, despite the fact that he was ultimately detained when her neighbor witnessed him searching through her trash. Following the event, Mark terminated her health insurance and threatened to write her a letter.

Since Linda was afraid for her life, she enrolled in self-defense training and bought firearms for her house. She met Michiel Oakes while doing this, and they soon started dating.

On October 28, 2009, a neighbor of Mark Stover reported seeing a trespasser outside Mark’s house and two automobiles parked at the grange hall, one of which was subsequently determined to be Michiel Oakes’ car and the other to be Mark’s. Also, the neighbor saw Michiel carrying a huge plastic bag that may have contained a body.

The next day, a woman who was subsequently revealed to be Mark’s girlfriend reported him missing, and his dog was later discovered bleeding from facial bullet wounds.

What has become of Michael Oakes?

Michiel ultimately came across with a.22 caliber and a 9 mm handgun and was taken into custody. Later on, he acknowledged killing Mark, claiming that he did it in self-defense after they got into a fight over Linda. Mark’s body was allegedly tossed into the Swinomish Channel wrapped in plastic, but it was never recovered.

Controversies surrounding Linda Opdycke

Mark Stover’s family said that he had moved on following their divorce and was seeing Teresa Vaux-Michel, whom he had plans to wed.

According to the family, Mark frequently expressed his dread of being killed while being aware that Linda and her family posed a threat to his life.

They went on to demonstrate that Mark was the target of Linda’s stalking and that his demise was planned and premeditated. Linda, however, was not put on trial for any crimes.

In 2013, Teresa Vaux-Michel, Mark’s girlfriend, filed a petition against his estate, alleging that, just before he passed away, Mark had written her a check at his home out of concern for his life but had vanished afterward.

But a state appeals court denied her request, stating

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