Wireless Alarm System for Home and Business

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Wireless Alarm System for Home and Business

Every home and business needs an alarm system to protect it from intruders and threats that can endanger you, your family, or your valuables. If you’re looking for a wireless alarm system that works with home automation systems and is easy to set up, the MULO Wireless GSM alarm system might be exactly what you need! This home security system has everything you need to protect your home or business, all in one kit, including an app-enabled controller and a variety of sensors that can detect movement, fire, water, and smoke in addition to doors and windows opening unexpectedly.

What to consider before purchasing an alarm system

Before you buy an alarm system, there are a few things to consider. How much security do you need? Who will monitor your home when you’re away? Where will you place motion sensors or other devices? What kind of warranty do you want on each component of your home security system? After considering these questions, it may be easier to narrow down your options and find a system that fits your lifestyle best.

The features of the product

Mulo Smart Wifi DIY Home/Business Security, Safety Wireless GSM Control Alarm System with APP has been specially designed by Mulo to protect your home or business. It is an all-in-one DIY wireless alarm system. You can install it in a convenient way without cabling, which is suitable for home security, store surveillance and business enterprises.

Installation and use tips

Setting up MULO couldn’t be easier: just follow these instructions from step one. You can use MULO with your existing landline, or as a stand-alone system. Either way, it’s easy to install. If you choose to use MULO as a standalone system, you can set it up quickly by plugging in an adapter into your home’s power outlet.

Tips on how to deal with false alarms

Many people are scared of having a home security system because they worry about dealing with false alarms. If you take these precautionary measures, however, you will significantly reduce your chances of a false alarm. 1) Re-position your sensors – Some homes are so large that alarms can be set off by doors being slammed shut when someone walks too close to them. Others have ceilings so high that motion detectors cannot sense if someone is up there. The only way to avoid these issues is to reposition your sensors or add more.


Smart home platform: Alexa

Smart home platform:Tuya

Smart home platform:Google Assistant




Kit Configuration:Door/Window sensor  

Power: DC 5V

Output Number: 99

Video Interface:No

Display: Yes

Alarm Type: The Alarm

Alarm Type:SMS

Alarm Type:PSTN

Alarm Type:Apps Control


Model Number:107

Password Keyboard:Yes

Arming Type:Password Keyboard

Connection Type:wireless

Zone Number:99

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