Wole Soyinka revealed – diagnosed with prostate cancer

Wole Soyinka speak out
Wole Soyinka

Sole Soyinka diagnosed with Cancer

Nigerian Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka has opened up on being diagnosed to have prostate disease in 2014.

Sole Soyinka diagnosed with Cancer

In a meeting with BBC, Soyinka said he’s been utilizing a cutting-edge innovation ‘proton treatment’ to treat it. He anyway conceded that he is awkward with the treatment however it’s been a significant simple ride. He said “It hadn’t yet gotten to the phase where it was non-reversible thus (the specialist) gave us various rules. I state us since he needed to ensure that my better half ensured that I tailed it. He detected that I would not have been an excellent patient. So he addressed her more often than not instead of me,” he said. “There is no malady on the planet any person should be embarrassed. I don’t perceive any reason why individuals need to go to Canada, Europe to get treatment which is moderate in this country, it is a disgrace. “The alternatives I contrasted with other treatment I think about and I have found inactivity. Dig for me was a simple ride, awkward from multiple points of view yet it is effortless.”

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